Getting around in Thailand: Transportation

Landing on the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has kinds transportation comes in many forms.  Including Songthaews, bus, motorcycle taxis, subways, taxis and Tuk Tuks. 


Tuk Tuk

One of the most iconic means of transport in south Asia. Tuk Tuck is a three wheeled vehicle going around in the big cities. Taking a ride on a Tuk Tuk will be a memorable experience you can’t miss in Thailand. However, before you jump on one, make sure to make sure the fare because it is more expensive than other transports, or just in case being ripped off by the Tuk Tuk driver.



Meaning “two rows” in English, Songthaews are basically tiny pick-up trucks with two rows of seats for the passengers to put their legs on. Giving you a great opportunity to do a proper city view, and it costs less to get around. Yet, songthaews aren’t that common in big cities such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai but smaller towns.


Motorcycle Taxi

For those looking for cheap and instant transport with short distances, motorcycle taxis are perfect for you. Can be found in most cities in Thailand, they are without a doubt, the most convenient choice in general. As the name implies, you will be expecting to sit on the back of a motorcycle, so it might be not be an ideal choice if you are with big backpacks.