Pa Pong Piang Rice Terraces – Chiang Mai’s Best Kept Secret

One of Chiang Mai’s Best Kept secrets – Ban Pa Pong Piang Rice terraces are one of the most photogenic spots in Thailand.

Ban Pa Pong Piang (sometimes spelt as Pa Pong Pieng) is a little hamlet of rolling rice terraces nestled in the mountains of Doi Inthanon national park. Surrounded by fertile forested mountains, the verdant views and nature here are spectacular. The pictures speak for themselves.

Layers of emerald green rice terraces, spanning as far as the eye can see.

How to Get There
From Chiang Mai city, there’s no form of direct public transport to Pa Pong Piang, so the best way of getting there is by private car. Its approximately 70km (2 hours drive) from Chiang Mai city, the last few kilometers of which are on a muddy trail only accessible by off-road vehicle

When to Visit
The rice farming season begins in May when the first rains of the year fall. This is when you’ll see the reflections of the small rice seedlings in the water filled rice paddies.

The rice plants reach their full length and greeness, during July- September (the peak of rainy season). After this they turn into a glorious yellow-golden colour, when they’re ready to be harvested in October.

So the best time to visit Pa Pong Piang, really depends on what type of scenery you prefer. Outside of the rice farming season (November-April), the rice paddies will be left fallow. Pa Pong Piang is open to visitors year round.