Bridge on the River Kwai and the Hellfire Pass

Take a memorable ride on the Thailand-Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway for the thousands of POWs and forced laborers who lost their lives building it during World War II.

You will have the opportunity to walk the actual bridge over the River Kwai, this bridge was constructed using prisoners of war, and it was orchestrated by the Japanese in their efforts to take over Burma.

Visit the Hellfire Pass ; Hellfire Pass was built during World War II, in part by prisoners of war. Work by torchlight at night in a thick bamboo forest gave the pass its name. Along the walking trail made by the Allied prisoners, visitors can envision the difficulties they faced while constructing the Death Railway using only simple tools. In 1943 they completed the pass – approximately 500 meters long and 26 meters deep – in six weeks with dynamite, hand drills, picks, shovels, and baskets.