The Golden Triangle

North East of Chiang Rai close to Chiang Saen lies the infamous Golden Triangle, once the center of opium production and trade in South East Asia.

Those days are gone. Now the area is peaceful and tranquil dotted with hill tribe villages, ancient temples and markets.

The Golden Triangle locally known as Sop Ruak is where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet separated by the Mekong river. The border between Thailand and Burma is marked by the Ruak river, which flows into the Mekong at Sop Ruak.

The Golden Triangle is known for its beautiful scenery. From the viewpoint you will see the three neighboring countries, the Mekong river and the hilly landscape with its small villages and hilltop temples.

Some of the sights in the area include a large golden Buddha image seated in a boat, an ancient temple on a hill and the House of Opium Museum.

Get up close to all three countries taking a long tail boat ride along the shores of Thailand, Burma and Laos.