Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

The beautiful award winning garden flaunting a plethora of plants and landscapes, with numerous playgrounds, witness a variety of chirping and joyous birds, water birds, etc.

Also, visit the mini zoo in this beautiful portrait of heaven. All this and much more in the is found only in the grand and unique Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya.

The whole park is a unique masterpiece with 17th Century French Garden, Stonehenge, European Renaissance Garden as well as species-specific gardens, such as bonsai, topiary, tropical palm, cactus, succulent plants, and orchids. The Garden's area is 24 square kilometer, multiple accommodations and a choice of restaurants to cater to your taste buds, and daily shows to keep you entertained and immersed all the time. You will not only experience Thailand but also the world as the Nong Nooch garden has taken its inspiration around the globe.

It is a must visit this botanical park, calm your soul and find the everlasting peace you are searching for. Also, watch the Elephant and Thai cultural show which brings you to the entertaining show filled with elephants, dancing, showcasing their extraordinary talent, with you getting deeper insights and knowledge about Thai culture and its traditions.