Wat Ban Rai "the Elephant Temple"

Wat Ban Rai is one of the famous Temples in Nakhon Ratchasima and recognized as the residence of the noble monk 'Luang Pho Khun'.

Originally, Wat Ban Rai was a small monastery, then Luang Pho Khun who was widely respected in the province developed it and became the big and well-kwon temple until now. Even though Luang Pho Khun passed away, Wat Ban Rai is always one of tourist's destinations in Nakhon Ratchasima. Interesting buildings in the temple - The chapel is beautifully decorated with enameled tiles. - Hor Thep Wittayakom is the elephant-liked ceramic shrine in the center of water. On the roof top are the statue of walking Buddha and the statue of Luang Pho Khun. Around the building depicts Buddhism's sacred texts. The shrine is Asia's largest ceramic mosaic shrine with more than 20 million pieces of mosaic. - The museum of Luang Pho Khun exhibits the life and background of Luang Pho Khun. - The statues of 7-headed Nagas are situated in the center of water decorated with around 900,000 pieces of mosaic