Wat Pa Phu Kon ; the Blue Temple

Wat Pa Phu Kon is probably the most famous temple in Ubon Ratchathani province. Located at 115 km from Udon Thani on a hilltop in the Na Yung-Nam Som National Forest Reserve.

The temple's image hall, surrounding pavilions and buildings on the hilltop are of fine Thai architectural design. The image hall in the applied Rattanakosin art has 3 entrances and enshrines a white marble Buddha image in the posture of entering Nibbana. The interior of the image hall has spectacular decorations of the Buddha's teachings, with 22 panels of copper relief around the walls depicting the Life and Ten Birth-stories of the Lord Buddha, with the purpose to communicate the Lord Buddha's perseverance and sacrifice in order to obtain the Ten Perfections during each of his 10 incarnations.