Khao Chi Chan - Buddha Mountain

Khao Chi Chan, or as it is more commonly known, Buddha Mountain has become an iconic landmark in Pattaya and a popular tourist attraction.

This giant golden Buddha carved into the face of a mountain cliff is set among a beautiful and tranquil park.

A short walk along paved paths will bring you right to the base of the mountain where you can see the full detail and really appreciate the gigantic scale of this impressive carving. There is a small lake at the foot of the mountain filled with lilies and lotus flowers.

The area surrounding the mountain is a park filled with lush green grasses, flowers, ponds, and open air pavilions which make this a perfect spot for a picnic. You can relax in the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

Buddha Mountain is also home to a small temple and several shrines where Buddhists can pray and make offerings. It is not uncommon to see monks roaming the grounds.

There are several informational signs located around the park telling of its history. The signage is written in both Thai and English which makes learning about the history accessible for visiting tourists.

If you get hungry or thirsty while you are enjoying the sight of the golden Buddha, there are an assortment of vendors in the parking lot serving food and drink.