Khao Thong Chai

Khao Thong Chai Mountain stands south of Thang Sai Beach. There is a huge Buddha statue overlooking the pristine, white sand Ban Krut Beach and the coconut plantations that stretch as far as the steep mountains of Myanmar.

Kromloung Chumporn Khet Udomsak Palace is made of brick and cement which is highly respected by seafarer. It is believed that Kromloung Chumporn Khet Udomsak once visited this palace to drop anchor of the warship. Therefore, the anchor statue is built and positioned facing the sea while the surrounding areas are flower garden and monk residences.
“Phra Buddha Kitti Sirichai” Buddha image or called by the local people as “Luang Pho Yai” is the Buddha image in the seated meditation posture which is Khandara art (influenced from Greek civilization from India). The Buddha image turns his face towards the sea. Local Bang Saphan people built this Buddha image to present to Queen Sirikit on her sixtieth birthday anniversary occasion. Around the Buddha image are the holy Buddhist monks bronze statues which are greatly worshipped among the Buddhists for example Somdej Phra Putachan (To Phrom Rangsi) and Luang Pu Thuat.