Secret Spots: 8 Perfectly hidden islands in Thailand - Part 6

Want to stay away from the crowds? Say goodbye to Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui, say hello to these extremely scenic and unspoiled islands in Thailand that remain off the tourist radar! Today let's visit Koh Hong.

Koh Hong

The Hong Islands lie just a short boat ride away from Krabi. They center around the uninhabited Koh Hong. Crowned “The Emerald of Krabi’s Sea” due to its incredible scenery and crystal clear waters, the picture-perfect island is surrounded by coral reefs. For a real treat to make you feel like you’re on a truly hidden island in Thailand, catch a boat or kayak to the Lagoon of Hong Island. With just a single one-way entrance about 10 meters wide, the lagoon looks just like a massive natural pool enclosed by astonishing cliffs.