White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

Being stranded on a deserted island is not always a bad thing – that is, if the castaways find themselves on the island of Koh Chang.

While the island is not deserted, it can certainly feel that way in comparison to the other top island destinations located in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is also home to Mu Ko Chang National Park, which helps to maintain its less touristy vibe. There are many beaches islanders can spend the day at, but one of the most popular beaches of them all is White Sand Beach. If the name did not give it away already, the beach is incredibly pristine. While the island is relatively quiet, this is one of the busiest beaches. It is easily accessible, long in length, and there is plenty of room for visitors to grab a stretch of sand for themselves and lay out in the sun. The beach is also lined with relatively inexpensive dining options equipped with both Western and Thai cuisine.