Nacha Sa Thai Chue Shrine - A Peaceful Explosion of Color

Covering 2 hectares, the Nacha Sa Thai Chue Shrine, also known as the Thep Sathit Phra Kitti Chaloem is an impressively vibrant display of Chinese architecture and Buddhist imagery.

From the entrance gate, to the pagoda-style shrines, to the 4-storey temple building, every surface is brightly colored and covered in dragons, clouds, and countless deities like the l000-handed Bodhisattva Kwan. Within the main temple, each floor has its own range of gods, which attract visitors and faithful alike, and once you reach the top floor, you're rewarded with a view of the sea. While it is an active place of worship, the shrine is also very welcoming - there are even instructions posted at the Taoist shrine on how to pray to each of the 24 deities.