Bo Klua County ‘A unique salt maker’

Salt that you consume in everyday life, surely you know that it’s made in modern industrial factories, with fast machine. And you may believe that this is the only way to make salt.
But you’re wrong!

Bo Klua County is super famous for its natural way of making salt. The salt is made on mountains. 

The salt here isn’t made in factories. Instead, it’s made in traditional way. Villagers will get the salt water from the ponds, transfer it through bamboo rails, then boil it for about 4-5 hours. After letting it dry, the salt will be moved into baskets. The salt will be put on sale in front of villagers’ houses. You can purchase for a bag if you want to. However, the salt here doesn’t have Iodine like general salt.

The salt isn’t only for food consuming, but it’s also made into many other types of products, including beauty products like spa salt or salt soap.