Pig Island - Koh Samui’s Best Kept Secret

Are you looking for cool things to do during your Koh Samui vacation? We have a new trendy spot to explore! Only 10 minutes by boat from Koh Samui’s south, welcome to a secret island of Koh Madsum.

Away from tourist hoards, witness an outstanding stretch of sand for epic drone footage. Not like on Koh Samui, snorkeling around Koh Madsum is still sublime. The water is clear and calm, while the surrounding coral reef is vibrant. But what makes Koh Madsum truly unique – are its friendly residents – wild boars! Soak up in the sun and admire the breathtaking scenery of Koh Samui on the horizon, while the boars are roaming around freely – welcome to a Thai version of the Bahamas!
While many people flock here to enjoy luxury beach clubs and waterfalls, a new experience is all the rage: swimming (well, paddling!) with wild pigs on a tiny uninhabited island off the south coast of Samui. Pig Island in Koh Samui, and the pigs apparently swam over years ago from Koh Taen.
The pigs on Koh Madsum aren’t fussed by visitors, and welcome the snacks. They’re not aggressive in any way, so don’t be scared if they come sniffing over looking for more food! It’s such a unique experience being in the sea with the pigs as they burrow for food in the sand, with beautiful scenery behind them. You’ll return back to the main island with some amazing photos to remember it by.