Wat Khao Sukim

Wat Khao Sukim was founded in 1966 by Buddhist monks looking for a peaceful place to pray. They created an expansive compound that works its way up from a quiet pond to the main temple complex.

Visitors can even ride a funicular up the hill rather than endure a rather taxing climb. From the top, you can admire views of the surrounding area before stepping into the temple’s unusual museum. Here, countless vases, antiques and religious artefacts donated by the public are on display. Interspersed amongst these treasures are wax sculptures of over twenty highly-revered Buddhist monks. In the ceremonial hall, you can admire murals by the National Thai Artist in Painting, Chakrabhand Posayakrit. Before you go, buy some bread from a vendor to feed the pond’s fish - you might see huge snakeheads, giant pacu (think meter-long piranha), or even the endangered Mekong giant catfish.