Blue Temple - Wat Pak Nam Khaem Nu

Wat Pak Nam Khaem Nu is also known as the Blue Temple because of its spectacular blue ceramic tiles decoration. The temple is completely covered in blue and white ceramic tiles, from the walls to the roof.

Wat Pak Nam Khaem Nu was originally built in 1946. Later on, the temple had been deteriorated because of sea water. The monks and the villagers decided to re-built the temple and tried to find out the way to make the temple more durable. They came up with using the ceramic tiles on top of the building in order to prevent the effect of sea water. They chose blue and white ceramics because they were impressed by the antique blue and white porcelain.

There’s a large blue gong at the side of the temple. Thai people believe that hitting the gong will bring good fortune to them. The louder they hit the gong, the more famous they will be.