Wat Pa Non Sawan

Wat Pa Non Sawan is home to hundreds of colourful sculptures ranging from merely peculiar to ‘what the…?!’ Whether it’s the immense dragons, waving turtles, Hindu gods, gruesome scenes of hell or the lonely polar bear.

This place is sure to make you think as well as smile, which is exactly the point of it all.

Be sure to say sà·wàt·dee to Lungpu Khampan, the octogenarian abbot who inspired it all. He lives and greets visitors on the ground floor of the tower, inside Hanuman’s mouth. It represents the mouth of monkey god Hanuman, a major character in the Southeast Asian epic of the Ramakian. Each floor of the Chedi contains murals illustrating the life of the Lord Buddha. At the temple gates, there are two huge tortoisestatues thatappear to be of Khmer or Indian-style.