Wat Pha Tak Sua: An Amazing Walk with Mekong View

In the chili dawn, the vast valley is filled with morning mist. The first light of the day slowly illuminates from behind the mountain. At the bed of the valley, mighty Mekong River gradually glows and flows.

When the mist dissolves, sunlight illuminates the landscape and life by the river appears to eyes.

From the cliff’s edge in the compound of Wat Pha Tak Sua, Sangkhom District of Nong Khai, the 16-metre-long skywalk offers such a breath taking view overlooking both Thailand and Laos. Get a glimpse of thrilling steps of its glass bottom which allows visitor to see through to the deep valley hundreds of metres below. Definitely, the u-shaped walk way is an amazing place worthwhile to stop by.

Every dawn, crowds go up the lush mountain to the Buddhist Temple of Wat Pha Tak Sua. Some come for meditation practice while most come for such an impressive view before continuing their exploration.

Once a sleepy town, Sangkhom District now becomes an emerging destination. Scoot around and you may find the easy charm of I-san. Morning viewpoints at Phu Huay E-san and Phu Nong offers jaw-dropping sceneries of the valleys filled up with morning mist. Tham Din Phiang or the Naga Cave gives a mysterious look of rock formation. The cave is believed a passageway of Naga princess to the human world.