Red Lotus Sea

This unique place leaves you speechless. Try to imagine yourself floating between millions of lotuses. If that sounds surreal, you must visit Red Lotus Sea in Northeastern Thailand.

Red Lotus Sea is a lake filled with many lotuses during their blooming time. It’s a charm of Udon Thani, the northeastern region of Thailand. The lake was formed from natural swamp where every year millions of pink lotuses blooms for several months. The best time to see the blooms is right after the sunrise. That means you have to be super early by the lake. Where you can rent a boat and it takes to the middle of the lake where most of the flowers are floating. Red Lotus Sea will leave you amazed by its beauty. But keep in mind that mornings are chilly even though it’s Thailand! Be ready to put long sleeves and trousers on otherwise you will be cold and won’t enjoy the beauty of the nature that much.