Mon Cham a Viewpoint in Mae Sa Valley

Mon Cham is located on a hill ridge in the area of Mong Nong Hoi village, Mae Rim. It is 40 minutes far from the central of Chiang Mai. The area was previously a desolate forest and was named as Kiu Seau.

The weather up in Mon Cham gets chilly all year around and you will get to wake up to an early morning fog. Besides, there are many view points up here where you can spot the spectacular view of green mountains. Also, on the top of the mountain on the east, there is a view point called 'Mon Long' which is a perfect spot for seeing the whole area of the Royal Project as well as the sea mist. If you turn around to the southern part of the area, you will see Mong Nong Hoi village and the development center of Royal Project which is surrounded by vegetable bed for the purpose of researching such as Artichokes, Lemon thyme, Mint, Camomile, Rosemary, Plum, Seedless Grapes, Strawberry, Red Olive, Tomato, Doi Kham.