Tham Khao Luang Cave

Wat Tham Khao Luang cave-temple is regarded as the largest and most important in Petchaburi province, due to its royal patronage.

King Mongkut (Rama IV, 1851 to 1868) used the cave to study Buddhism and practice meditation. He had a large number of Buddha images placed in the cave-temple. His successor to the throne, King Chulalongkorn ordered a large 4 metre high Buddha image be made and placed in the cave dedicated to Kings Rama III and Rama IV. He also restored some of the older Buddha images.

Buddhist people come to pay respect to the Buddha images by burning candles and incense sticks in the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the cave. One of the most beautiful of the 170 Buddha images in Khao Luang cave is a huge reclining Buddha image, symbolizing the passing of the Buddha into final Nirvana.

The cool, shaded and quiet cave springs to life with a warm celestial glow as rays of morning sunlight bathe the natural rock formation, illuminating the temple’s Buddha images. This spectacular combination of natural brilliance and religious reverence is well worth a visit.