Wat Tha Sung - Crystal and Gold

Founded in the Ayutthaya era, the Wat Tha Sung saw years of renovation and expansion after the local villagers asked a monk by the name of Luang Pho Yaii to be had abbot in 1789.

Today, the temple’s main hall, it’s largest structure, is hiding something amazing behind it’s relatively standard facade: the entire interior is covered in mirrors, glass and crystals. From the columns to the walls and ceiling, every inch of the room is a reflecting, refracting surface, which creates a stunning spectacle. That’s not to say Wat Tha Sung has foregone traditional gold either - one of the complex’s other temples is done in the traditional Thai style, except completely covered in dazzling gold carvings with vibrantly colored accents. Of course, the temple also has its fair share of Buddha images and holy relics, including a pulpit pulpit built by Luang Pho Yai.