Lampang -The Horse Carriage City

Founded by the Mon in the 7th century, Lampang is known throughout Thailand for its charm. Nicknamed ‘the horse carriage city’, Lampang is the only city in Thailand that still offers horse carriage rides, making for a singular way to tour the city.

However, many of Lampang’s landmark’s are best experienced up close. Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao is one of the city’s dearest temples - once home to the Emerald Buddha, visitors will still find plenty of treasures here, including an impressive chedi, a reclining Buddha statue, and a museum of Lanna-era relics and artifacts. At Wat Phra Chedi Sao Lang you’ll find 20 chedi in its courtyard, and a 15th-century solid gold Buddha image in the temple. If you get hungry, be sure to stop to try the delicious, traditional Lanna food, and definitely make time to experience the Walking Street Market if your in town on a weekend!