Wat Chalermprakiat - a spectacular mountain temple

There’s a temple in Northern Thailand with pagodas perched atop the jagged peaks of a limestone mountain, rising up from a lush green forest. Clouds of mist roll in enveloping the place in a dreamlike state, then are swept away to reveal stunning views of the plains below.

The temple is Wat Chalermprakiat in Lampang Province, and it is one of the most unique temples in Thailand. The stairways and trails snaking their way up through the forest give this place a magical feel, like something out of a movie.
Wat Chalermprakiat may look like some ancient temple but it was actually built in 2004 to commemorate 200 years since the reign of King Rama IV of Thailand. You can think of the temple as being divided into three distinct areas: At the top is Jedee Loy Fah which translates to pagodas floating in the sky. This is obviously the top of the mountain and this area has a number of small temple complexes and statues of the Buddha. Below this is the temple complex where the road ends and you have to walk to the top from. The third temple complex is at the bottom where you have to park your car to catch the shuttle up the steep and winding road.