Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

Apart from a production source of Thai high-quality of famous wine produced by Siam Winery Co Ltd, it has been developed to become a tourist attraction.

Thai and foreign tourists will find the warmest welcome and gain new experiences of enjoyable activities in a 200-rai vineyard area of the total 1,000 rai. As soon as they step in this yard, they will see an order row of grapes in the yard surrounded by mountains that provide warm and romantic atmosphere. 
Tourists who favour wine should not miss to visit Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. It is the first and only one farm in Hua Hin district. It is special because it is on the beach which used to be a habitat of wild elephants. Soil and climate conditions are therefore suitable for the growth of a wide variety of grapes – Columbard, Chenin blanc, Shiraz, Brunello and other 20 species. Grape fruits are aromatic and have special characteristics of minerals and sea wind. Wine produced is full-flavored.