Wat Thaton

The Wat Thaton is a large temple complex in a very attractive setting only a few kilometers from the border with neighboring Myanmar. The temple is located on top of a hill overlooking the village of Ban Thaton and the Mae Kok river. It is built over several levels of a forested hill offering magnificent views over the surrounding rural area.

The most striking building of the temple complex is the newly built Chedi Kaew or Crystal pagoda, a magnificent structure visible from miles away. This very colorful structure has a large greenish spire on top. Both sides of the entrance are decorated with golden colored Thewada figures (celestial beings) on a red background.

Over the richly decorated entrance is a depiction of the Buddha in front of a Dhamma wheel, the symbol that represents the Buddha’s teachings. A very tall standing golden Buddha image over 10 meters tall holding an alms bowl is overlooking the area.