Siriraj Medical Museum

If your vision of a museum is pretty shiny displays of cultural artifacts, then perhaps it’s best to give this one a miss. The Siriraj Medical Museum is a morbid and unusual treasure trove of pathological, forensic, parasitological, and anatomical specimens.

There are actually six museums in the hospital complex; a museum of pathology, a forensics museum, a museum of the history of Thai medicine, a parasitology museum, an anatomical museum, and a prehistoric museum. On display are bones, preserved organs, pathological fetuses, a mummified corpse of a notorious serial killer, parasitic worms, a two-and-a-half-foot-wide scrotum removed from a man afflicted with elephantiasis, the remains of a cannibal, and a traditional Thai medicine shop. This collection is bound to peak the average curiosity but it is advised to avoid it if you are squeamish. It’s recommended those that wish to take the plunge and check out the museums-with-a-difference to come prepared with a strong stomach.