Koh Nangyuan

This unique natural wonder is the only place on Earth that has three islands connected by one extending beach, placing it firmly as of the most photogenic destinations in Asia.

Many tours run day trips to Nangyuan, or you can just hire a taxiboat from any of Koh Tao’s beaches for a quick 10-minute journey right to the sister island’s pier. Once you’ve taken in the spectacular views, Nangyuan offers immediate access to two of Koh Tao’s best snorkeling spots – Japanese Gardens and Twins – or hike up the path to the island’s iconic viewpoint to get a panoramic view of the joined triplet islands as well as Koh Tao’s northern jungle canopy. The island closes by 5pm, after which point it is the exclusive domain of the guests of Nangyuan’s only resort – which is bit old and outdated comparatively, but with the kind of relaxed ambience that remains unmatched.