Folktales Café & Bistro because you are not just a customer...but a "friend"

For those who love vintage and classic style of old cars, Folktales Café & Bistro is a must-see. Because here is a Classic Community that gathers both old cars and motorcycles for car lovers to see and talk and exchange ideas.

The beginning of the shop came from the Volkswagen garage business. and a classic car in the name of the 911 garage, which the owner has opened for ten years. And wanting to have space for car lovers and families, therefore, I thought of opening a cafe with a special corner for everyone in the family. by dividing the area into a playground area in front which captures the world of children such as trampolines, sand pits, swings and toys for children to play around with. Around the house are displays of rotating classic cars. which will have both the car of the shop and the car of the customer Organize themed shows based on various collections, creating a bustling and gimmicky store. As for the cafe zone, there are both cool air-conditioned zones. and a garden zone close to nature for girls to sit and sip a drink with a corner of a classic car garage allowing car lovers to walk in and take pictures
For those who are looking for a café with a classic 80's vibe that blends with a beautiful garden setting without having to travel far, Folktales Café & Bistro is what you're looking for.