Wat Phu Thok - Stairway to heaven

This temple is quite far from Nong Khai (over 140 kilometers) but it is truly an amazing place ! More than the temple itself, it is the 359-meter high mountain on which is installed a set of walkways and wooden staircases on 7 levels that impress visitors. They are often built on the mountainside above the void. Not a visit for those afraid of heights.
There are 2 possible paths to reach the small sanctuary on 5th level, the fast but a lot less interesting way and the way via the footbridges that go up gradually (at the first branch with 2 stairs, choose right staircase).

The views over the valley are superb and you will also see a sanctuary on a peak. The last of the 7 levels is normally now closed to the public as it is infested with ... snakes. Count 2 hours to go up and down and enjoy the mountain.